Dirk Hoogeveen

artist, architect, 
I like to build things outside or in the city
(sculptures which relate to their surroundings)
Garage Moderne
Antwerp BE
My bedroom window used to be next to a traffic light along The Westzeedijk in Rotterdam. Racing cars and screaming tires became my wake up alarm.

Part of an overarching project on car culture.

Openings Show
Kieken Centrale
Antwerp BE
Infrastructuurtje #1
Sculpture for the openingshow of the Kieken Centrale. Infrastructuurtje #1 shows the ruin as a landscape supporting the elements which are frequently erased or seen as ‘unhandy’. Instead of getting rid of the electrical cables, interpreting them as an architectural element in the exhibition space. 

Publication ‘One Year Of Working Together’
by Verloren Bekisting
Ghent, BE
Welkom In Belgie
An advertisement for an architectural publication. The publishers are, just like me, cultural immigrants who moved from The Netherlands to Belgium. The Netherlands is facing a big societal problem - the housing crisis. The work advocates for an eazy solution: proposing the marconitowers in a flemish polder. 

The work is inpired by the famous Bauhaus costume parties where architects dressed up as their favourite buildings. 

(Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side)

Projectspace Sekreed
Leiden, NL

Where Did The Horses Go? (2023)
For the exhibition “Where did the horses go” at projectspace Sekreet, I collaborated with Sjors Smit for a 10-day on-site working period to develop a series of new works. Our inspiration came from the myth that the previous owner once housed cattle in the living room, using the toilet as a drinking trough. Our work seeks to reintroduce this narrative into the space through a series of architectural interventions.

A cut through the wooden floors, exposing the foundations of the building. Extending these foundations, we poured a new concrete pedestal, forming the basis for our column. The cut, together with the extended foundation, suggests that the architecture is build around our inserted column, shifting the architectural hierarchy within the space. 

The character of the inserted column resembles that of a stable. To dress the column, we casted several aluminum hooks as ornaments, where the horses could be tied. We also casted some cowboy buckles, so that everyone can be a cowboy.

In collaboration with Sjors Smit 

Texas USA Everyone Can Be A Cowboy (2024)

Rotterdam, NL
Zurich, CH
Fundazion Nairs, CH
The Erratic, A Wandering Sculpture (ongoing)
When we encounter The Erratic we see a rather large stone, with a slightly flattened shape and a weathered surface. We see a common glacial erratic, like we find them in so many places on this earth. However, if we touch The Erratic, we realize that we are not dealing with an ordinary boulder. The stone sounds metallic and hollow and when pressed lightly in the right place, a door opens up. If we now enter The Erratic we find just enough space for one person with a little luggage. There is light, electricity and a soft yet sturdy sitting or lying area – a hiding place, but for whom? for us? or for something that is dear to us? what could we hide in here? or are we perhaps in a hiding place of another person? of someone who wants to hide themselves or something else? hide, but why? and from whom? from us?

The Erratic will be a sculpture on the move. A sculpture that secretly wanders. Whenever we think we have it pinned down, it will already have moved on again. It’s journey is to begin in the city of Zurich, continue in the adjacent valley of the rivers Limmat and Rhine and from there it shall lead further down stream until it eventually reaches the haven of Rotterdam. 

The project is in collaboration with Jan Hofer.

Open Monumenten Dag
A Tale of A Tub
Rotterdam, NL
Everyday Solutions (2023)
For Open Monumenten Dag 2023 a conitunuos perfromance at exhibtion space Tale of A Tub together with Rogier Franssen.

Monuments and architectural heritage are often smurked by long lasting process of repairs and renovation. Pricey contractors and architects with an big ego. Time consuming negotiations, difficult legislation and tiring bureaucracy.

With our performance we presented a solution: We will repair all broken objects and dreams. Come by for a quick fix, a broken microwave, advice for a leaking roof or solutions in life. A solution for the bureaucratic proces which normally takes forever. First, visitors were asked to fill out a form describing their problem, on the second page they had to draw their problem. After which we drawed a solution to their problem. Resulting in a drawing a exchange, all captured on transfer paper. 

In collaboration with Rogier Franssen

Yart/Broei at Gentsefeesten
Ghent, BE
Scenography Duivelsteen (2023)
Every year, Broei invites artists to propose a scenography. Our idea; to repurpose and reinterpret the abandoned structure created by Construct Lab from the year before. 

The garden of Kasteel Duivelsteen used to feature a huge tree that provided shade during the Gentsefeesten festivities. Unfortunately, the tree was cut down. The collective Broei, a breedingplace for artists and collectives, approached us with the request to design a stage within a tight budget, aimed at offering shade and seating areas in the garden for the visitors during the Gentsefeesten.

Through the act of cutting we transformed the structure, we seperated the roof from the benches. The detached roof is elevated to create space for performances and dance, supported by eight square-shaped scaffold columns. To visually represent the original unity of the benches and roof before their separation, the structure has been painted in red. The cut marks left unpainted, as well as the additional wood used for bracing, to highlight our interventions on the original structure. The project is completed with a white PE tarp that partially covers the two roof structures.

In collaboration with Verloren Bekisting