Dirk Hoogeveen

artist, architect, 
I like to build things outside or in the city
(sculptures which relate to their surroundings)
Een Museum Voor Jezelf
Camping Buitenland 
Emmen NL
De Eeuwige Zwemmer (2021)
Shall the swimmer ever return? The swimmer disappeared together with the lake, only the artefacts are left behind. The shiny fruit, the sticky bath slippers, the undressed pants and an unrolled bath towel. These artefacts depict a still life, casted in aluminum. A scene recognizable for everyone. Placed between the ferns, blistering in the sun, waiting for the water and the swimmer to return.

De Eeuwige Zwemmer is inspired by the history of the Dutch peat territories. These execavations had a big impact on the organisation and perception of the contemporary Dutch landscapes. Most of the current lakes in The Netherlands were former peat excavations. However, when I visited the location, known for it’s peat history, there was no water to be seen. The project title translates to ‘The Eternal Swimmer’