Dirk Hoogeveen

artist, architect, 
I like to build things outside or in the city
(sculptures which relate to their surroundings)
Rotterdam, NL
Zurich, CH
Fundazion Nairs, CH
The Erratic, A Wandering Sculpture (ongoing)
When we encounter The Erratic we see a rather large stone, with a slightly flattened shape and a weathered surface. We see a common glacial erratic, like we find them in so many places on this earth. However, if we touch The Erratic, we realize that we are not dealing with an ordinary boulder. The stone sounds metallic and hollow and when pressed lightly in the right place, a door opens up. If we now enter The Erratic we find just enough space for one person with a little luggage. There is light, electricity and a soft yet sturdy sitting or lying area – a hiding place, but for whom? for us? or for something that is dear to us? what could we hide in here? or are we perhaps in a hiding place of another person? of someone who wants to hide themselves or something else? hide, but why? and from whom? from us?

The Erratic will be a sculpture on the move. A sculpture that secretly wanders. Whenever we think we have it pinned down, it will already have moved on again. It’s journey is to begin in the city of Zurich, continue in the adjacent valley of the rivers Limmat and Rhine and from there it shall lead further down stream until it eventually reaches the haven of Rotterdam. 

The project is in collaboration with Jan Hofer.