Dirk Hoogeveen

artist, architect, 
I like to build things outside or in the city
(sculptures which relate to their surroundings)
‘De Luv Nan’ groupshow
The Grey Space In The Middle
The Hague, NL
The Spiral (2019)

The Spiral is an installation which stimulates the act of gathering in a non-biased way. The centerpiece light invites the spectator to enter the spiral, leading to a new reality: 

A space of intimate anonimity.

Spectators are encouraged to engage and interact within a personal distance. The spiral takes away the comfort of first scanning the new conversational partner. Disposing the visual prejudice fora brief moment. This project formed the starting point of working with installations and the production of space outside of architeture. 

Sound design by Willem Bijleveld
In collaboration with Ties van Benten