Dirk Hoogeveen

artist, architect, 
I like to build things outside or in the city
(sculptures which relate to their surroundings)
Projectspace Sekreed
Leiden, NL

Where Did The Horses Go? (2023)
For the exhibition “Where did the horses go” at projectspace Sekreet, I collaborated with Sjors Smit for a 10-day on-site working period to develop a series of new works. Our inspiration came from the myth that the previous owner once housed cattle in the living room, using the toilet as a drinking trough. Our work seeks to reintroduce this narrative into the space through a series of architectural interventions.

A cut through the wooden floors, exposing the foundations of the building. Extending these foundations, we poured a new concrete pedestal, forming the basis for our column. The cut, together with the extended foundation, suggests that the architecture is build around our inserted column, shifting the architectural hierarchy within the space. 

The character of the inserted column resembles that of a stable. To dress the column, we casted several aluminum hooks as ornaments, where the horses could be tied. We also casted some cowboy buckles, so that everyone can be a cowboy.

In collaboration with Sjors Smit